Gas Burning Direct Vents


❏  Large viewing areas for a full view of the 
spectacular fire
❏ Flush or Clean-Face Design allows for brick or 
tile installation over the fireplace frame
❏ Convertible using Top Vent or Side vent
❏ Snap-Lock door system for tool free access
❏ 100% fail-safe shut-off valve on all model


❏ Ignition options allow for Hi/Lo control for 
adjusting flame level & battery backup
❏ Wireless remote control
❏ A choice of 3 burner accessory styles: Traditional 
Logset, River Rocks, Linear Contemporary with 
Glass Beads‡ & Premium Logset
❏ Wrought Iron Grate
  Choose from 3 brick linings
 2 Door covers available: Starburst, Arched
 Safety Door Screen 
❏  H*(S)38DF Full stainless steel construction, 
approved for outdoor us