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Charcoal or Pellet Grills, What Are the Differences?

Charcoal and pellet grills are the most popular grill types for those who love a smoky taste in their steak or hamburger. Many ask about the differences between these two types to have better information about charcoal and pellet grills.

In this article, we want to compare the differences between these two types and show their advantages over each other.

In terms of cost, pellet grills are usually a bit more expensive than charcoal type. Of course, there are some models of charcoal grills which cost thousands of dollars but in a normal range and for two almost similar pellet and charcoal grills, the charcoal type is more economical.

When you decide to work with a pellet grill, you should only fill the hopper with pellets and set cooking temperature. Pellets will be transferred to a firebox which is located below the grill grate by an auger. The more the temperature is set, the faster the pellets will be transferred to the firebox. On the other side, you will have more trouble working with a charcoal grill. First of all, you have to use a charcoal lighter fluid or something else to light the charcoal. Then you have to wait till the charcoal will be ready for grilling. Another problem is that you have not automatic control on temperature. The temperature can be adjusted by changing the airflow in the firebox. Air vents are designed in most charcoal grills to control the temperature. As the airflow increases, charcoal will reach higher temperatures.

You can achieve a limited temperature in pellet grills and it cannot be increased as much as you want. On the other hand, charcoal grills have a wider temperature range and you can use them for smoking at very low temperatures to searing meat in high temperatures.

In terms of flavor, it highly depends on your taste. Some people love different flavors of pellets while others claim that it’s tastier to grill on charcoal rather than the pellet.

Both types have some difficulties after grilling when you have to remove ashes, remaining charcoal, or pellets which is trouble itself. So don’t complain. If you want a smoky taste, you have to tolerate these.

In conclusion, pellet grills are suitable for those who love different flavors of smoke and want to grill and smoke in lower temperatures. Since the temperature is fixed in your desired range, it has less trouble during the grilling process and this is ideal for people who want to get rid of this difficulty. But charcoal grills are suitable for those who prefer a smoky flavor with a lower cost grill and want to be able to smoke and sear meat on a single grill.

Now with these explanations, you have more information about both charcoal and pellet grills and their differences. So it is much easier for you to decide whether to buy a pellet grill or a charcoal type.

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