The Guide to Select the Ultimate Grill for Your Home

It’s estimated that almost 65 percent of Canadians have a barbecue or grill for their houses. grills have a wide range of users, from those who cook once a week to skilled chefs in restaurants.

So if you have decided to buy a grill, you should consider some points before. Grills can cost from nearly $100 to thousands of dollars and there are numerous models in this range. It depends on your budget and also how often you are supposed to use it. Certainly, it is confusing to search among different models available in the market. We are here to simplify this for you. Follow us to learn these essential points.

The input fuel type is the most important parameter that should be considered. Usually gas and charcoal are common types of fuels that are used widely. Gas grills are classified into two types. Those which uses natural gas and those with liquid propane. Liquid propane grills are fed from propane cylinders and it is easier to move due to their portable gas source. The problem is that these cylinders should be refilled after a while. On the other hand, natural gas grills are connected to natural gas plumbing and do not have the problem of refilling cylinders. Natural gas is more economical in the long run, due to lower cost. The drawback is that these grills cannot be moved easily because of the fixed gas source.

Another type is charcoal grills which are the most common type at a more affordable price. Being fueled with charcoal makes these grills to provide a smoky taste. This type is suitable for those who prefer a smoky taste and also look for a more economical grill. On the other side, charcoal grills have some difficulties in both start-up and cleanup.

Grill size is also an important parameter that should not be neglected. You should choose a grill with a size suitable for you. To do so, you should consider your kitchen or backyard space and also the number of family members. Bigger grills have more burners and you can grill more steaks, hamburgers, etc., at the same time. On the other hand, more number of burners will consume more fuel. So you should carefully consider this. A grill with several burners makes it possible to have several heat zones which allows you to grill different types of food simultaneously and save your time. Burners are an important part of a grill. They will work for several years and should be replaced after. So choose a grill with a warranty of at least 10 years to make sure it works properly and in case of failure it subjects to warranty.

A built-in temperature gauge is another option that should be considered. By using a grill with built-in temperature gauge you know the temperature of the chamber and have easier control on cooking temperature.

These were some important hints that you should know before you decide to buy a grill. By considering these items, you can choose the best grill for your home or restaurant.

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