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Fireplace Mounting and Design Options

There are many articles about different types of fireplaces based on their fuel type. Each type has its own pros and cons. Although the technical characteristics of a fireplace are of high importance, its design and appearance should not be neglected. Here we want to explain about design options of fireplaces and different mounting types.

There is a wide range of fireplaces based on their design and mounting option. Some general types will be introduced here.

Traditional Open Fireplaces

This model is an old version of wood-burning fireplaces. It is a built-in type fireplace and a chimney will draw the smoke to the outside. You can mount this type of fireplace when you are building your house or you have bought a new house and want to do a reconstruction.

Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wall-mounted type is a stylish fireplace that is built inside of the wall with a height from the room floor. Depending on the fuel type used for the fireplace, it needs or doesn’t need a chimney. Since it’s mounted completely on the wall, the designer is freer to design a fireplace suitable for your room by considering your heat requirements. Generally, this type has a charming appearance that is most suitable for rooms with modern design.

Free-Standing Fireplaces

This fireplace as its name implies does not need to be mounted into a wall and will stand on a separate structure. These fireplaces are available in gas and electric types. Since the gas source is available in special parts of the house, the gas type of this fireplace is usually fixed in one place but the electric type can be moved depending on the electric source.

Tabletop Fireplace

You can use this simple type of fireplace on your dining table, near your bedroom and wherever you need a local heat. The tabletop fireplace is light and portable and can be moved around. Usually, ethanol and gel are used as the fuel of this type of fireplace.

Hanging Fireplace

This fireplace is the weirdest type. It has an innovative and modern design that may not be preferred by everyone but has many admirers. This fireplace is hung from the ceiling and the connector act as a chimney. It’s available in both wood-burning and gas types.

Built-in Fireplace Insert

Built-in fireplace inserts usually replace old fireplaces to increase system efficiency. Fireplace inserts are available in gas, wood-burning, and electric types. Using a fireplace insert is the best choice for those who want to upgrade their heat system without any major construction. This is usually a good choice for those who have a wood-burning fireplace with different maintenance troubles and want a new cost-effective gas or electric fireplace.

Two-Sided Fireplace

A two-sided model is another innovative design that gives a special appearance to the interior space. It can be mounted on a wall separating two rooms and serve as a heat source for both rooms at the same time. By using a two-sided fireplace, you can also divide a room into two spaces with different temperatures.

These are the most available fireplaces based on their design and mounting type. Each has different styles that are suitable for special interior design.

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