Bellfires Derby Series – Modern and Luxurious Gas Fireplace

  • Shallow firebox for tighter spaces
  • Realistic Traditional Flame and Logs
  • Modulating Maxitrol Remote Control
  • Double burner for ultimate comfort and control
  • Standard Reflective Glass panels in Both models
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Derby Series of gas fireplace by Bellfires are available in single side or see thru clean face finish options. the Large 32″Wx26 1/2″H allows the perfect view of the flame while maintaining the perfect balance of heat and joy of fire. Standard Thermostatic modulating remote control allow for ease of use and able control the two stage burner system unique to Bellfires. All Models have the Reflective glass panels and traditional logs included to cozy up any space in your home.

Vertical Bell Medium Tunnel Hidden door

Both the Single side Large Derby or the See thru Derby Tunnel have 6,000-31,400 BTU/HR input to create one of the most unique fire presentation in the industry. The Bellfires exclusive double burner delivers fuel efficiency and ultra control of how your fireplace operates while saving on fuel cost without sacrificing effect.

Why Us?

Employing licensed, well trained installers by Toronto Home Comfort guarantees full knowledge of all Building, Gas code and related work and assuring a safe installation. A professional installation of the equipment affords you the comfort of mind that not only your product will work to the best of its design capability now also lasts for years to come.

Additional information

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane



Fire View

Frontal Fireplace

Convection Fan


Smoke Gas Exit / Air Intake

Ø100-150mm of Ø130-200mm

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Bellfires Derby Series - Modern and Luxurious Gas Fireplace