Bellfires Large Room Divider 3 Sided Gas Fireplace

  • Large Room Divider Fireplace has a three-sided
  • Constructed from the thick-walled metal plate material
  • Power saving mode
  • Double Burners
  • Hidden Door option (+10cm)
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Bellfires Large Room Divider 3 Sided Gas Fireplaces are made of a wider frame that runs around the glass, thus creating a whole unit with the surround. They have steel fire chambers and the fireplaces’ cover has been designed so that it can expand separately from the top of the chamber.

Thick-walled metal plates used to construct the fireplaces guarantee the quality and long life that you expect from Bellfires products. All fireplaces have Direct Vent and are fitted with a balanced flue system. This means that they can be fitted in your home without requiring an existing chimney, while still achieving high output results. Keep your fire – on demand. If you opt for the hidden door option, there is frame support available. This option also adds 10cm to the build of the fireplace.

Room Divider Large 3

The Double Burner. What makes this product so unique is its ability to always deliver high efficiency, you can manage the heat output as desired which could help save on heating costs. There are two types of the double burner; Line Fire & Centre Fire.

With the Line Fire, the flame image can be adjusted in Depth. The flame image has extra depth when both burners are turned on, one in the front and one behind. With the power saving mode on, only the front burners burn, and it does so over the entire width of the hearth.

With the Centre Fire, the fireplace image can be adjusted in Width. When both burners are on, the fireplace displays a pleasant fire over the full width of the hearth, while ensuring optimum heat output. With the power saving mode on, the fire image is centered in the middle of the hearth.

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Bellfires Large Room Divider 3 Sided Gas Fireplace