Valor Linear Series Gas Fireplace

  • 40″, 50″, 64″ Size to choose from
  • Flame Adjustable with ease using the standard remote
  • Optional Remote Heat Kit and Heat shift kit
  • Multiple media option
  • Available in Outdoor version
  • High Efficient radiant Heat
  • Download the brochure
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Valor Linear Series is a versatile fireplace that is a capable heater. Radiant Heat from this family of fireplace helps with heating of any size space. With three dimension to choose from, there will be a right size fireplace for any size room.

Remote Heat Shift accessory allows for installation of TV or any artwork Closer to the fireplace. It also allows for heat distribution to a different room with the Remote Blower Kit.

Valor L3 Linear Series moder large linear gas fireolace

Valor Linear fireplaces can be designed with Rock and Shale, Driftwood Log set, Split wood Log set, or the modern Murano Glass media.

Fluted, Reflective glass, or Limestone Liner bring different style to the interior of the fireplace. 1″ adjustable frame allows for surrounding material to complete the fireplace or choose from the Black, Bronze, or Brushed Nickle 5 1/4″ trim.

Why Us?

Employing licensed, well trained installers by Toronto Home Comfort guarantees full knowledge of all Building, Gas code and related work and assuring a safe installation. A professional installation of the equipment affords you the comfort of mind that not only your product will work to the best of its design capability now also lasts for years to come.

Additional information

Gas Type

Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)

Input BTU

L1: 18,000-21,000, L2: 19,000-36,000, L3: 23,000-42,000, L1(SEE-THRU): 18,000-30,000

Output BTU

L1: 21,705, L2: 25,916, L3: 30,484, L1(SEE-THRU): 22,116


L1: 67.00%, L2: 70.00%, L3: 66.46%, L1(SEE-THRU): 69.00%

Viewing Area

L1: 40" w x 14 ½" h = 580"², L2: 50" w x 14 ½" h = 725"², L3: 64" w x 14 ½" h = 928"², L1 (SEE-THRU): 40" w x 14 ½" h = 580"²

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Valor Linear Series Gas Fireplace