Dimplex Multi-Fire Slim Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace (X-PLF6014-XS)

  • With the Multi-Fire XHD™ effect, you can create large and high contrast flames with multi layered colors to produce a sense of depth. This will give your fire that extra something special!
  • Choose from an array of brilliant color themes or cycle through them (using custom mode) and freeze on the hue that you love best.
  • Imagine a world where you can customize the atmosphere to your liking. With multi-fire technology, this is now possible with adjustable flames that create just what one needs at any given moment!
  • The slim design of this monitor doesn’t sacrifice any looks, with an impressive viewing height that reaches up to 14 inches. It includes mirror technology and creates a grander illusion on depth!
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With the Dimplex Multi-Fire Slim Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace, you can create a stunning fire display that is both large and high contrast. The multi-layered flames provide a sense of depth and brilliance, and you can choose from an array of color themes or cycle through them using the custom mode. This slim, elegant fireplace design includes mirror technology to create a grander illusion of depth, and it can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source. Whether you’re looking to add ambiance to your home or simply want a more efficient way to heat your space, the Dimplex Multi-Fire Slim Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace is the perfect solution.

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Employing licensed, well trained installers by Toronto Home Comfort guarantees full knowledge of all Building, Gas code and related work and assuring a safe installation. A professional installation of the equipment affords you the comfort of mind that not only your product will work to the best of its design capability now also lasts for years to come.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

X H 19.5 in X W 61.25 in X D 3.75 in







Built-in Thermostat


Automatic Shut-Off


Power Source


Warranty Length

2 years

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This fireplace can be incorporated into any room without taking up too much space.

Dimplex Multi-Fire Slim Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace (X-PLF6014-XS)