Enviro The EF2 Pellet Freestanding Stove

  • Firebox brick liner.
  • Recessed hopper lid handle.
  • Heavy-duty heat exchanger.
  • Welded firebox.
  • Full pedestal ash pan.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Mobile home approved.
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Looking for a quality pellet stove that will keep your home warm and toasty all winter long? Look no further than the Enviro EF2 Pellet Freestanding Stove! This great stove features a firebox brick liner, recessed hopper lid handle, heavy-duty heat exchanger, welded firebox, full pedestal ash pan, easy-to-use controls, and is mobile home approved. So why wait? Get your Enviro EF2 Pellet Freestanding Stove today and enjoy the warmth and comfort all winter long!

Why Us?

Employing licensed, well trained installers by Toronto Home Comfort guarantees full knowledge of all Building, Gas code and related work and assuring a safe installation. A professional installation of the equipment affords you the comfort of mind that not only your product will work to the best of its design capability now also lasts for years to come.

Additional information

Heating Area

2,000 ft²

Max Input BTU (NG)




Glass Size

13" W x 9" H

Convection Fan

200 CFM

EPA Emissions

1.4 gms

Hopper Capacity

55 lbs

Unit Dimensions

22” W x 30” H x 24” D

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Enviro The EF2 Pellet Freestanding Stove